Water Activities Information

You will find information and forms regarding Water Activities in the table below.

Page 20 (Bury Lake bookings) is no longer available as bookings for boats are now being carried out at PACCAR.  Please contact PACCAR direct for boat bookings at Bury Lake.

Note that Pages 24 and 25 have two tabs in Excel, both need to be completed.

Page 1 Water Activity Base Chart89.45 KB
Page 2 Boat Examiners32.52 KB
Page 3 Flow Chart for Going Afloat66.69 KB
Page 4 Water Activities Fact Sheets39.46 KB
Page 6 Water Classifications in GLMW60.55 KB
Page 7 London Sailing Project (Southampton)203.04 KB
Page 8 Dockland Scout Project (Central London)67.47 KB
Page 9 Longridge Boating Centre (Marlow-on-Thames)248.52 KB
Page 10 Hillingdon Outdoor Activities Centre (Harefield)213.9 KB
Page 11 Tall Ships - The Lord Nelson140.95 KB
Page 14a Bury Lake Mariners (Poster)262.7 KB
Page 14b Bury Lake Mariners (Detailed Information)83.02 KB
Page 15 Adventures Offshore (Colchester)76.43 KB
Page 16a An Introduction to Bury Lake Part 11.64 MB
Page 16b An Introduction to Bury Lake Part 272.34 KB
Page 17a and 17b Bury Lake Rules & Regulations97.06 KB
Page 18a and 18b Operation of Boats at Bury Lake92.49 KB
Page 21 Map of Rickmansworth Area312.2 KB
Page 22 Risk Assessment Guidelines63.69 KB
Page 23 Boat Inspection Guidelines to Boat Owners4.77 KB
Page 24 Boat Inspection Certificate Kayak & Canoe Parts 1 & 255.5 KB
Page 25 Boat Inspection Certificate Other than Canoe Parts 1 & 255 KB
Page 26 Pulling Orders90.73 KB
Page 28 On The Waterfront (May 2015)151.77 KB

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