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Alan George

Alan George was the Warden at Tolmers campsite from 1981 to 1997.  During the early part of that time several members from this County, and notably from Hayes & Harlington District, were members of the Service Crew.

Alan, who had been a Scout Leader in Wellingborough, was instrumental in starting the "Come-to-Tolmers" event which is still going strong today - normally in August each year.

Alan always put the interest and needs of children first in any task that he did.

George Duvall

George Duvall died on 1st May 2007 aged 92.

Arriving from Hampshire in the 1940's, he took up the post of Bursar at Harrow School — during which time he became involved, through Fund Raising, with Roxeth Scout District. He was an obvious candidate for District Chairman, a post which he held for over thirty years.

Many members of the 'Old Roxeth District' days will fondly remember him on the stage at the District Headquarters with District Commissioner Eric Cockram in the show "Oliver".

Peter Dunlop

Although Peter did not hold a Leader Warrant, he spent much of his Life for the benefit of Scouting.

On leaving the Navy after the Second World War, he auditioned at the Palace Theatre for chorus boys where he met Ralph Reader. He continued with his interest in Theatre as a Costumier with a shop in Leicester Square, which brought him into contact with such luminaries as Ivor Novello. In 1950, Ralph Reader approached Peter to work on the Costumes for his London Gang Show which resulted in him working with Ralph for the next 24 years.

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