County Executive

The County Executive Committee exists to support the County Commissioner in meeting the responsibilities of the appointment and to provide support for Scout Districts and the Scout Network in the County. The Committee is specifically responsible for:

  • promoting the development of Scouting in the County;

  • arranging for harmonious co-operation between Districts and between units of the Association and with other organisations;

  • the raising of funds and the administration of the County's finance and property, including those of the Scout Network;

  • appointing a County Appointments sub-Committee and a Chairman of such a sub-Committee;

  • appointing other sub-Committees and their Chairmen as the Committee may require;

  • attending to County administration, particularly:

    • matters relating to Leader Warrants;

    • the appointment of Skills Instructors, Administrators and Advisers;

    • registrations, membership of the Movement;

    • the presentation of an Annual Report and annual statement of accounts to the Annual General Meeting of the County Scout Council.

Attached below are annual report and accounts for the last few years:

Trustees Report and Accounts 2008 - 2009239.92 KB
Trustees Report and Accounts 2009 - 2010225.5 KB
Trustees Report and Accounts 2010 - 2011298.31 KB
Trustees Report and Accounts 2011 - 2012884.92 KB
Trustees Report and Accounts 2012 - 20137.51 MB
Trustees Report and Accounts 2013 - 20142.53 MB
Trustees Report and Accounts 2014 - 20156.75 MB
Trustees Report and Accounts 2015 - 20163.33 MB

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