Dick Gill - 2

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Tribute by Paul Spencer
How do you remember Dick? Was it the pipe, was it the small dog in his coat pocket, was it the “discussions”, was it the computer generated banners on training courses or was it the traditional scouter with traditional values. Many will remember him as in this drawing by Chris Raper.

Dick started his scouting in Willesden where the family lived and held his first appointment as Scoutmaster with 29th Willesden in 1949. Dick soon became involved with Senior Scouts and held leader appointments in both 29th and 7th and was for a time Group Scout Leader of 7th Willesden. He was also a District Scouter and an Assistant District Commissioner in Willesden. In 1958 he joined the Training team and was a member for some thirty years, as well as serving as Assistant County Commissioner (Scouts) and Assistant County Commissioner (Venture Scouts). He had fond memories of both Elstree Training Ground - Waxwell Camp site, now known as Northern Heights and the move to and development of Chalfont Heights, now known as Paccar.

Following the award of the Medal of Merit and the Silver Acorn the Chief Scout made the award of the Silver Wolf in 1985.

Dick’s great love was opera and it was interesting to hear him tell stories of how he got tickets to opera houses in many parts of Europe. His other hobby was as a freemason where he held office both locally and regionally.

He passed away in his sleep having suffered terrible pain over the last few weeks, so although a sad time it is also a happy release for Dick, our thoughts must be with his only surviving relative, Geoffrey his brother. The funeral service of Remembrance was held on 30th May 2012 and conducted by Capt Don Woodhouse CA, the Scout County chaplain and attended my many scouting and Masonic friends.

Donations in his memory may be made to the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institute (cheques payable to the “RMBI”) can be sent to the Funeral Director, A.B. Walker & Son Limited, Blythe House, 105 London Road, Wokingham, Berkshire. RG40 1YB. The RMBI operates the Lord Harris Nursing Home where he spent his last few weeks.