Wendy Meade

7th Feltham Beaver Scout Leader 1986, ADC Beaver Scouts 1998.  Silver Acorn awarded 2009.

Tribute by Peter Goodall
Wendy passed away peacefully on Thursday, 17th February. Her funeral took place at Hanworth Crematorium on 3rd March 2011. Wendy started helping with 7th Feltham Sea Scouts when her Son joined the Scout Group. In 1986 she started the 7th Feltham Beaver Scout Colony, becoming Beaver Scout Leader at that time, which is the appointment she held until her death.  In 1991 she became District Beaver Scout Leader and in 1998 ADC Beaver Scouts. During her time as a Leader and Commissioner she has given the Beaver Scouts a very interesting and attractive programme.  Wendy has supported her Group in all their activities whether fund raising, family camps, maintenance of the headquarters, helping at Pack Meetings, Troop Meetings, Group camps etc. Within Feltham District, as ADC Beaver Scouts she supported all her Leaders, always being available to give them guidance and showing a good example of what they should be doing with their Beaver Scouts.  Wendy has organised various District Activities e.g. visits, Beaver Sleepovers, Christingle services etc., as well as arranging District participation in County events like the Beaver Bonanza at Chalfont Heights Scout Camp site. Over many years, with her partner Mike Parsons, she has supported the County Water Activity Team in various roles. Wendy was also involved in the Water Activities base at the World Jamboree in 2007. In 2000 she received her 20-year service award, and for her services to Scouting she received her Medal of Merit in 2002, her Silver Acorn in 2009 and was awarded a Jack
Petchey Award in 2011. The funeral service took place on Thursday, 3rd March, 12:30pm, at Hanworth Crematorium.  Loved and missed by all her family and friends. A wonderful partner, sister, mother and proud grandmother.
Peter Goodall

Tribute by Mike Parsons
Wendy was a very special lady. She was universally loved by her family and all those around her for her fun loving, kind and vibrant personality. Her devotion to others was her greatest gift and her legacy. Wendy was born on 9th October 1948, the middle of three children born to Cyril and Annette. She had a very happy childhood and a close bond with her brother David and her sister Vanessa. A bond which was to last for her whole lifetime. The family lived with her grandparents in Teddington until they were given a 'home for heroes' in Hanworth. During her formative years Wendy attended the local infant and primary schools as did her siblings. Wendy worked hard and went on to study at the Hampton School of Commerce where she achieved her Private Secretarial Certificate. As a teenager, Vanessa remembers her sister as stylish attractive and fashion conscious. Wendy could turn heads. Wendy was always the more dainty of the two sisters and wore beautiful clothes, many of which she cleverly made for herself. Vanessa remembers her huge delight when her older sister gave her a beautiful dress to attend her first year party at school. But this was Wendy. Always generous, always thinking of others and willing to help out and lend a hand. Attributes she would display at every step of her life.

Wendy was always active and outgoing. She was an enthusiastic Guide as a teenager and enjoyed trips to the local cinema with friends. And she loved to dance, particularly at the Ricky Tick Club and The Castle in Richmond. Her love of dancing and spending time with her friends would never leave her. She was fun loving and sociable and always good company to be around. It was with huge pride that her beauty and personality meant that she was even crowned Carnival Queen at the Hanworth Carnival as a teenager.

Having obtained her qualification in Secretarial Studies Wendy used these skills to her advantage and took various different secretarial jobs until the birth of her children. Wherever she worked she was highly regarded for her attitude to her work, her attention to detail and her diligence. Her last 18 years of employment were spent at Chubb where she worked hard and was, as always, devoted to the community spirit of the organization. She organized the Christmas Pantomime outing for the staff on a number of occasions and being a long standing employee was a familiar and friendly face to all those who worked around her. She earned respect and admiration wherever she went through her positive attitude to both her work and life in general.

In 1971 Wendy married her husband Paul and although this relationship was not to last it did produce Wendy's two beloved sons. Matthew was born in 1974 and Jonathan in 1977. Wendy was devoted to her children. Having raised them, for the most part, as a single mother, they adored one another. Matthew and Jonathan have only fond memories of their mother when they were children. Wendy was soft, kind and supportive. She provided warmth and stability and an abundance of love. When Matthew joined the Cub Scouts at 7th Feltham Sea Scout Group as a child, Wendy, always keen to help out and be involved with the care of children, decided to become a helper. Here began a devotion to the Scouts that was to last the rest of her life time. With her usual enthusiasm and vigour Wendy immersed herself in her scouting activities and was highly successful and driven in all that she undertook on their behalf. This combined her love of children with her positive desire to make a real difference with everything she set out to achieve, be it for herself or for others. In 1986 she became a Beaver Scout Leader and started the Beaver Scout Colony. But it didn't stop there. In 1991 she became the District Beaver Scout Leader, in 1998 the Assistant District Commissioner (Beaver Scouts) Leader and worked tirelessly fund raising, organising camp outings, social activities, concerts and shows.

But her involvement with the Scouts didn't only provide Wendy with the means to channel her energy and enthusiasm for the good of her local community. Her involvement with the Scouts was to be life changing for another reason. It was through the Scouts that Wendy met her partner Mike. A relationship that was to last for over 25 years and whilst always 'far too busy' and active to get married, their devotion and love for one another was none the less for it. After meeting in 1986, Wendy and Mike had an instant affinity with one another. They enjoyed and were enthusiastic about the same things. When Matthew and Jonathan were young they shared family holidays, often camping, around England and France. The stuff memories are made of. After her sons had grown up and left home, Wendy and Mike continued to lead active and fulfilling lives together. Wendy's zest for life was such that she was always busy, always helping others, always having a positive affect on those around her. Her enthusiasm and spirit was infectious. Wendy approached challenges and hobbies with energy and devotion. Never one to sit still, aside from her untiring work for the Scouting community, Wendy enjoyed Morris Dancing, Tap Dancing and the Book Club. Trips and holidays remained a part of the family's lives with Wendy's favourite holiday being her trip to Italy in 2007. Here the whole family came together to celebrate the marriage of her son Jonathan and his wife Julie. They enjoyed a trip to Pompeii; they climbed Mount Vesuvius and drove along the Amalfi Coast. What could be better for Wendy combining an active and exciting holiday surrounded by the family she adored. In 2010 Wendy became a grandmother to her beautiful granddaughter, Emily, extending her beloved family and giving her another person to shower love and affection on. Wendy was incredibly proud to be a grandmother.

Although Wendy had been ill previously in 1990, she had recovered well. Illness revisited her in 2007 and 2009 but Wendy just put it to one side, endured and got on with things. She continued her Summer Camps with the Scouts, even sleeping in the car in 2009 when the campsite flooded! In 2008 Wendy received her 20 Years Long Service Award, in 2009 her Silver Acorn Award for Good Service and was awarded the Jack Petchey Leader Award in January 2011. Well deserved praise indeed for her unwavering devotion and support to an organization she felt passionately about. There simply was no stopping Wendy. She bore her periods of illness with courage and without complaint. She was a fighter and she never gave up, and she was never a burden. When she became ill for the final time in 2010 her main concern, as always, was for those around her. Her family, and the affect her illness would have on all of them. This last period of illness was a fight that Wendy was not to win. When she passed away she was surrounded by the love of her family. She knew how much she meant to each and every one of them. And so Wendy is remembered. She is remembered for the vibrant, positive and enduring affect she had on everyone fortunate enough to have met her. She is remembered and so very missed by her devoted partner Mike. She is remembered by her beloved sons Matthew and Jonathan and their wives Karin and Julie. And she is remembered by her beautiful granddaughter Emily. This is one of her legacies. She can never be replaced and she will never be forgotten.
Mike Parsons

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