YOPEY London 2015

The 2015 Young People of the Year Awards in London has launched and they would love to see nominations from your Scouts.

They are looking for young people who are positive role models, not necessarily because they are brilliant academically or great at sports, but because they "give to others".

 They may be good mentors, fundraisers or turning their lives around after some bad behaviour or bad experience. They may be rallying round another young person who is having a hard time or going through a serious illness. As long as you, a colleague or a peer consider them a positive role model who gives to others, please nominate them for 'YOPEY', as this contest is known for short.

Have a look at the film from last year which explains a little bit more about YOPEY.


Young people can nominate themselves or each other, it does not have to be done by a leader.

You can nominate by using the attached entry form or online.

 Every nomination will receive an electronic certificate to say that they were nominated as a positive role model.

Closing date for nominations is 30 April 2015, so if you do have fantastic young people that you wish to nominate, please do not delay.


Terry Kingham

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