Getting Started

Welcome to the new GLMW website, with this latest version the way you add, edit or delete content has changed dramatically, it gives you the ability to do it!

The vast majority of the things the site can do are listed in the links below, please start by reading through the adding, editing and deleting content guides linked just below, these will give you an overview of how do to almost anything you need to on this site.

Please look at the Frequently Asked Questions page if you have a query that does not fit into any of the categories.


Depending upon the permissions you are assigned you should be able to create, edit or delete different "Content types"; these may include Diary Events, News Stories or Static Pages.

Guides you through adding each of the content types, allowing you add them to different categories and share them via newsletters. Learn more here.

Explains the structure of the website and how to successfully search and navigate the pages. Learn more here.

Teaches you how to correct any mistakes you or someone else may have accidently made. Learn more here.

Outlines the correct procedure to delete content from the website. Also the process of how to retrieve data should this happen by mistake. Learn more here.

General Topics

My Account

Explains which information we store on you and why. Details how to subscribe to newsletters and add contact page images.

Attaching Files

Guides you through the process of how to attach files to each of the content types.

Adding an Image

Explains how to upload, insert and align an image into a page.

Following the Brand Guidelines

Provides information on how to comply with the Scout Association Branding Guidelines.

Adding an Address/Map

Details the process of how to add an address to a diary event or group page.

The Content Editor

Explains the "Word Style" editor that is used to add all the content to the website, it details each of the functions it performs and how to use them correctly.

Content Types

Diary EventsNews StoriesStatic Pages
Newsletter Issues District Pages
Group Pages Unit Pages Explorer Unit Pages