Additional Admin Settings

The options listed below are only available to administrators, please contact the Web Team for more information if you require more assistance.

Revision information

If you are working a page or story that is often edited then you can create manual revisions so that if your edit becomes undone you can easily revert it to. When you revert to a previous revision the current one is overwritten, but is also saved as a revision just in case.

Comment settings

If you wish to disable or enable comments on a specific piece of content, the majority of cases the default option should suffice.

Authoring information

Set who wrote the the content and the time at which this was completed. The "Authored by" field is a user lookup and will only accept valid users from the GLMW website.

Publishing options

You can set the post to be in draft mode, thus being unpublished. You can set it to appear in the News feed by selecting "Promoted to the front page".

Please do not select the post be a "Sticky at the top of lists", unless in exceptional circumstances, for obvious reasons.