Brand Guidelines

The Branding Guidelines are a brief set of rules laid down by the Scout Association to provide scouting in the UK with a unified and consist brand message, namely "Everyday Adventure". These guidelines apply to fonts and colours, but the bulk on them address the tone used in text and the correct imagery to use to support it.

Tone of Voice

Try to communicate a positive tone whenever you are writing about the movement, try to remember the brand values at the heart of scouting:

  • FUN

All of these statements can be applied to scouting and with the appropriate supporting imagery can make for a strong public message.

Imagery & Photography

Remember to include images as often as possible, every page should ideally have at least 1 image that meets the branding guidelines. The guidelines for images are the same as for text, they should depict adventurous, diverse and exciting activies. These should support the text and can be easily added to the website, please see the Adding an image guide if you need further help.

Formatting - The fit & finish

Font and colour are central the brand message, you can use the online Print Centre to create on brand documents and posters.

With respect to the website GLMW has introduced an online editor that already has the brand values pre-installed. Please use the styles drop-box which contains various header styles that are appropriate for use across the site.

For the complete guidelines please see the Scout Association Brand website.