Creating Content

You can create a number of different types of content on this website depending upon the permission role to which you are assigned. These are all accessible via the "Create content" link under the "My Navigation" sidebar menu.

Brand Guidelines

The Scout Association has brought out a series of guidelines to help ensure a unified brand message across the county, please read the highlighted points that apply to GLMW in the Following the Branding Guidelines help page.

Thanks, GLMW Web Team

Diary Event

Adds an event, meeting or camp to the website, has fields for time and location, (including an automatic link to a map). Allows you to input an event description and also attach any forms or flyers that participants may need. Click here to learn more.

News Story

A report back on an event, a piece of national scouting news or just some information that is relevant to a section, all these, any many more, are acceptable as "News Stories". Allows you to at the story to any relevant category and attach any documents, images or photos that might help the story too. Click here to learn more.

Static Page

The content on the site that is intended as information and does not change very often is added as a "Static Page". The "About Us" pages are examples of static pages, you can categorise the pages so that they edited by the teams that represent that category. Click here to learn more.

Newsletter Issue

The website can support multiple newsletters, i.e. GLMW County News, these can be subscribed to by members of the GLMW website. A newsletter issue is an instance of a newsletter for a given date. The website can generate a newsletter issue from the content that has been added to the website and then edited to fine tune what is sent out. Click here to learn more.

County Database Pages

The page types below form part of the county group and unit database, they are a resource that not only enables parents to locate a scout group near to them, but also for volunteers at all levels as a contact or administrative support tool. Examples of all of these page types are located on the Join the Adventure page.

District Page

Provides a skeleton template that include a link to contact the District Commissioner, the charity number and also the abilty to add a link to the districts website. Click here to learn more.

Group Page

Adds contact details and information on what each group has to offer to the public; details where, when and how much it costs to join each section. Click here to learn more.

Unit Page

Used for Network and Scout Active Support Units, provides contact information and optionally the details and directions to a regular meeting place. Click here to learn more.

Explorer Unit Page

Used for Explorer Scout Units, it adds which district the unit is active in, who the main contact is and where the regular meeting place is. Click here to learn more.