Editing Content

To edit a page you can either click the "Edit" tab in the title of any page, or alternatively you can find bulk edit any content you have via the "Edit content" link in the "My Navigation" sidebar menu.

Brand Guidelines

The Scout Association has brought out a series of guidelines to help ensure a unified brand message across the county, please read the highlighted points that apply to GLMW in the Following the Branding Guidelines help page.

Thanks, GLMW Web Team

Content editing

The edit content screen is the exact same screen you would see when you are creating content only with the existing data filled in.

It is recommended that you use the "Revision information" section if you are changing a larger page and wish to keep a backup copy, you can easily revert to a previous revision by selecting it in the "Revisions" tab that will appear next to "Edit" in the title of the page.

Bulk editing

The options for bulk editing are limited, but it is still a very powerful tool for editors and administrators alike. Select the events and stories you wish to change and use the drop-down menu to perform an action.

The "Edit content" page is also useful for finding content that you may have lost, you can search the page titles, filter by content type or if it appears on the "News" page. You can also sort the results by clicking on the table headers.