Content Editor

The content editor provides similiar functionality to that found in Microsoft Word or any other word processing package, what makes it different is that it automatically adds the formatted document to the website. From there others can see it and the website can use the data to create automatic newsletters and tables of information on related topics.

Brand Guidelines

The Scout Association has brought out a series of guidelines to help ensure a unified brand message across the county, please read the highlighted points that apply to GLMW in the Following the Branding Guidelines help page.

Thanks, GLMW Web Team


There are a lot of buttons on the editor, I will begin on the top row at the left side:

  • Bold, Italic, Underline.
  • Left aligned, Centre aligned, Right aligned, Justified text. 
  • Bullet pointed list, Numbered List.
  • Indent text in, Indent text out. - (Also works for sub-lists).
  • Insert hyperlink, Remove hyperlink, Insert anchor tag.
  • Insert image, Insert horizontal divider.
  • Clear formatting, Insert special character.
  • Branded styles drop-down box.
  • Table controls
    • Insert table.
    • Row properties, Cell properties.
    • Insert row before, Insert row after, Delete row.
    • Insert column before, Insert column after, Delete column.
    • Split merged cells, Merge cells.
  • Insert video
  • Insert page teaser rule - Automatically a teaser rule is inserted after 200 words if this is not set, this is used to provide the initial text for pages such as the news listings. Use this button to set the limit to what you desire.

Input Formats

The editor is a powerful tool and if you have the correct permissions you may be able to access different input formats, these offer less help however are un-guided and are to be used by those who only know about HTML and web-design. Please contact the Web Team if you have any queries about these modes.