Attaching Files

Every content type can attach files to them; these files can be pictures, documents, spreadsheets or PDF's. Once the files are attached you can choose to either display them in a List or insert them insert the content.

Step 1: Uploading a file

Find the "File attachments" section on any of the content types listed under the Create content link. Files can only be uploaded 1 at a time at the moment, the filesize limit is 8mb and please only use the file types listed below the input form. 

If you require further help about the uploading process please see the first step of the Adding an image guide for more information.

Step 2: Listing or embedding a file

Once the file has been uploaded the page should refresh to add the file into the "File attachments" section, once there you can add an optional description.If you have made a mistake and wish to delete the file please check the box and save the form.

To automatically list the file for download check the "List" box, listing a file will produce table at the bottom of the page, story or event which lists the description and filesize.

If you want to embed the file as a link in the content then copy the URL/link just below the description field and use the content editor to add it as a link. If you wish to add an image or photo please see the Adding an image help page.