My Account

You can edit your account information by selecting the link in the "My Navigation" sidebar menu and then selecting "Edit" in the title bar. The My account screen is split into 3 distinct tabs: "Account", "Personal Information" and "My Newsletters"; each of these house a number of different fields to that help the website.


1. Email Address

Used as a unique indentifer to login with and for correspondence.

2. Picture

It is used as in the individual contact forms for each user, please see the Contacts page which has some examples.

3. Contact settings

If you are listed in the Contacts page or you regularly submit News stories then please enable the contact form if you wish to be contacted by email.

4. Email settings

If you are using slower broadband or dial-up it is recommended that you receive Plain-text emails, this will eliminate pictures being sent to your inbox, you can still view the full articles by following links to the website.

Personal Information

1. Name

You name is stored to put a name to an email address, it provides a better user experience if we all use full names rather than dis-jointed pseudonyms.

2. About me

Will appear alongside the picture on the contact form which is linked to via the Contacts page or in News stories.

My Newsletters

Check the box next to each of the newsletters you wish to receive on a regular basis. To unsubscribe please uncheck all of the boxes.

Further Queries?

How do I delete my account?

Please contact the Web Team to delete your account, currently it is not possible to delete your own account but it is something we are working on.

I have incorrect permissions assigned to me, what should I do?

Please contact the Web Team to have them sort it out for you, please list which permissions you currently have and what you are expecting to receive, this will help us assign them to you quickly and correctly.

Please see the "My account" section of the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.