Newsletter Issues

The county currently sends two newsletters; GLMW County News and County Update, the former is a quarterly, general newsletter intended for the wider public as well as those involved around the county. The latter is a weekly email intended for GSL's and county team members who require updates of that frequency.

Newsletter issues are tied to one of these newsletter series and will be sent to those that have subscribed to it by either creating an account with the website or simply by giving their address to the editor.

Creating an issue

Creating an issue is simple, firstly go to the "My Navigation" menu, then to "Create content" and finally to "Newsletter issue". This will then present you with a list of all the Diary Events and News Stories that have been added to the website, it is automatically sorted with the newest content at the top.

Enter a suitable title for the subject of the Newsletter Issue, perhaps if its the GLMW County News then "Q1 2011" or "January 2011" would be suitable. Then select the checkboxes of the articles you are interested in sending and then hit "Sort Nodes".

The next screen allows you reorder the articles intended for the newsletter, please ensure the ordering is correct, if you make a mistake please delete the newsletter and then start again!

On the next screen the blurbs for each of the stories will have been created and placed in the Body text section of the newsletter in a nicely formatted fashion which is compatible with email clients. Please try not to edit these!

The penultimate step is to send a test email to yourself to ensure there are no formatting issues occurring with this issue of the newsletter. This may seem unnecessary however these issues could occur and it is better to have them ironed out before they are sent to 100+ people!

Finally change the setting to send and it will begin to email out the newsletters, this will happen over several hours as the website hosting limits us to only sending 60 emails an hour so each hour 50 emails are sent in a batch. Currently there are over 100 address on the GLMW County News newsletter so please be patient if you do not receive your copy in the first batch!

Pre-requiste steps

Obviously in order to publish the newsletter in this automated fashion the stories and events must have already been added to the website. Unfortunately this is a step that cannot be simplified but in creating a newsletter in this method the content will be added to the website as well as the newsletter meaning that the news is both searchable and also it will appear in the various feeds available for the sections.