Network Section

The Network Section in GLMW is led by the ACC 14-25, Alastair Richards.

Throughout the year, Network members join County Hill Walking Team training events in Wales, the Peak District and the Lakes. They compete in September in a competition for Scout Network with the SkyCamp Challenge. In March 2014, this year's Scout Network Bog Seat Challenge kicked off. Bog Seat Challenge CompetitorsThe Bog Seat trophy is held by successful units until challenged and beaten by another unit. The Challenges can be any (within reason!) format and are open to all units across the county. The Unit that holds the Bog Seat Trophy for the longest period in 2014 will win £150 for their unit funds.


The competitors at the inaugural Bog Seat Challenge event in 2013...First winners REN Network


Network SkyCamp winners 2012And the Scorpions Network team that won the SkyCamp Challenge 2012. Everyone who took part had a wild time in the trees at Chalfont.

Recent Network News

Explorers, Network and Leaders now registering for SkyCamp 2013

Registrations for this year's SkyCamp (20-22nd September) are now coming in. With three levels of competition this year, Explorers, Network Scouts and Leaders everyone will have the opportunity to show off their skills in the trees. Add to that a wide range of mental and physical challenges to make the weekend fly and you will wonder why you have never done it before.The mission is to build your campsite in the SkyZone. That is out in the woodlands of the PACCAR Scout Campsite, Chalfont Heights, between 50cm and 2.5m above the ground. How you achieve this is entirely up to you.

The GLMW Network Bog Seat Challenge is up and running

The waiting and now the 10-pin bowling is over and the GLMW Network Bog Seat Challenge is up and running. Last night at Heathrow Bowling, three teams fought for the right to become the first holders of the GLMW Network Bog Seat for 2013. The competition was fierce and the pins were flying before a successful team emerged from the debris. With teams from Imperial and REN Network Units in the running, those that were not there will forever wonder why it was that they had to be elsewhere on this fine Saturday evening in February.


With a £150 prize at the end of the year to the unit that holds the Bog Seat for the longest period in 2013, last night’s winners have got a jump start on the rest of the field. The guys that did not take the trophy last night are already planning their next challenge to take the seat for themselves. Can your unit get there first?


County Expedition Training and Assessment Programme 2013

Here's an exciting chance for your Explorer and Network Scouts to gain valuable experience and participate in an expedition course and assessment. This will enable young people to complete the requirements for expedition hikes in the Platinum, Diamond Chief Scouts Awards, Queen Scout Award and/or Bronze, Silver & Gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards under the guidance and supervision of experienced instructors.


To help leaders tell the young people in their unit about the programme, we have prepared the attached Expedition Programme Flyer that you can hand out at unit meetings or link them to electronically on this page