Beaver Sleepover 2009

On very sunny weekend in March, 11 leaders and a total of 50 Beaver Scouts meet at PACCAR Scout Camp Chalfont Heights for the first County sleepover in 6yrs.
(Friday night we had 26 Beavers & Saturday night 24 Beavers.)

4 Districts from the County took part, Uxbridge, Ealing & Hanwell, Harrow and Stanmore.
Our theme for the weekend was the Native American Indians and we explained to the Beavers the sort of activities that we were going to be doing.
We started off with some games while some of the leaders went to fetch the firewood ready for the campfire.
After talking to the Beaver Scouts about the rules of the sleepover they got ready to watch a DVD (Tom & Jerry, Donald Duck, Pluto etc. cartoons) while drinking hot chocolate and munching marshmallows. At around 10pm we went outside for a traditional campfire with singing and shouting galore!
The Beavers came back inside at about 10.30pm and set about making up their beds (we had 2 tents for our girl Beavers.) Once the beavers had settled down the Leaders retreated to the kitchen for supper (Chinese takeaway.) The last of the Beavers were asleep just after midnight, so not too later night for the leaders.        

Saturday arrived all too soon with the first Beaver Scout being awake around 5.15am and before long they were all awake. They quickly washed and dressed and were soon ready for breakfast which consisted of cereal and toast.
After breakfast we took the very excited energy filled Beaver Scouts down into the woods to look for Indians and bears!!
While they were gone the remaining leaders got the bases ready for the day.
The Beavers were split into tribes, Sioux, Running Bear, Apaches, Hammer Hawk.

The bases that the Beavers did were drum making, dream catchers, wigwam building Indian hats, rain makers and the favourite chocolate campfires.
We also had time on the adventure playground where they had great fun.
Lunch consisted of Hot dogs and salad with fresh fruit salad for pudding.
Helen made  two fantastic cakes for snack times and they went down a treat (yum yum).
At 2pm we all changed back into our uniforms ready for our closing ceremony.
The Beaver Scouts all received a certificate, their nights away 1 badge and a sleepover blanket badge.
Parents arrived at 2.30 and took their Beavers home.
Everyone enjoyed themselves and want to do it again!!

My many thanks go to a great team of Leaders Helen Ogilvie, Emile Sanguy, Mark Bell, Ed Decross- Gonzaleas, Mary Power, Diane, Lorraine Whitlum, Paul Turner and Yogi Poonai who without their support and help I could not have put on this event.

Attached below are some photos from our adventures over the weekend.

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