County Beaver Sleepover

On the weekend of May 10th 2013, 56 Beaver Scouts and 13 leaders descended on Paccar Chalfont Heights to take part in a Beaver Sleepover.

We had a science theme and all the beavers became mad scientist. They made electric circuits, planted seeds, found out about magnets and telephones, and even made volcanos erupt!

The Beavers and some of the leaders had a go at crate stacking, the highest stack a couple of the Beavers got to was 13!! We had a traditional camp fire down in the woods, led by John Arnold (thanks to John for agreeing to lead this for us). The beavers settled down in their sleeping bags to watch some cartoons before finally going to sleep.

Thank you to all the leaders who attending the weekend and making it such a success.

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