Queens Scout Award

As you are aware, new requirements for the Award came into operation in January of 2014. Transition arrangements were put in place, which are due to end on December 31 2015. It seems timely therefore to provide a quick overview of the Award requirements going forwards.

Starting the QSA
It is important to note that the new requirements require registration prior to commencing the award – This can be done here. We will be making some improvements to the registration process in the New Year to ensure that we continue to offer the best support to young people undertaking the Award. Due to the volume of registrations we will endeavour to notify you of the young people’s registration within two weeks.

Undertaking the Award
Requirements for the award can be found here. Support materials for participants and leaders/commissioners are available here.

It is important to ensure that young people remain a member of the Association during the period that the Award is being undertaken (this is particularly relevant as a Member turns 18). They are able to take a break, but must be a member when completing activities contributing to the award. Approval of the various elements of the award is to be sought by Assistant County/Region/Area Commissioner (Explorers/Network) prior to undertaking activities. If a young person wishes to backdate any of the requirements, approval should be sought from Assistant County/Region/Area Commissioner (Explorers/Network) at the time of their registration.

Completing the Award
Sign off must be by the appropriate Assistant County/Area Commissioner (Explorer/Network) dependent on membership point at the time. In Scotland the award is signed off by the District Explorer Scout Commissioner or the District Commissioner. We are currently receiving a large number of certificate request forms that are being signed be people at District level rather than County. Please could you send a gentle reminder out to your Districts that forms cannot be accepted unless they have the appropriate signature.

End of Transition Arrangements
Anyone completing the Award after 31 December 2015 will be required to complete all of the new requirements. Anyone completing under the old scheme will be required to submit signed off forms to the Programme Office no later than January 5 2015. Any forms received after this date will be returned and participants will be asked to complete the award using the new requirements.

Anyone that started the Award prior to January 2014, but will be completing post December 2015, should seek approval from the Assistant County/Region/Area Commissioner for backdating of any qualifying activities at the time of registration or as soon as possible afterwards. Anyone who may be caused to repeat activities due to the backdating rules and/or exceptional personal circumstances should seek approval from the Assistant County/Region/Area Commissioner for an exception to be made prior to submission of sign off forms to the Programme office.

Windsor Celebrations
The cut-off date for sending in the QSA certificate request forms to attend Windsor will be Friday February 26 2016. Any received after this date will be invited to the following year’s event. If you have any queries regarding Windsor, please feel free to contact the team directly at Windsor@scouts.org.uk

The Queen’s Scout Award represents the culmination of everything that a young person can do in Scouting. The Award is now being more widely recognised by employers, colleges and universities. I thank you and your teams for everything you do to support our brilliant young people in achieving the award.

Keith Jennings Deputy UK Commissioner for Programme (14-25)