The GLMW Network Bog Seat Challenge is up and running

The waiting and now the 10-pin bowling is over and the GLMW Network Bog Seat Challenge is up and running. Last night at Heathrow Bowling, three teams fought for the right to become the first holders of the GLMW Network Bog Seat for 2013. The competition was fierce and the pins were flying before a successful team emerged from the debris. With teams from Imperial and REN Network Units in the running, those that were not there will forever wonder why it was that they had to be elsewhere on this fine Saturday evening in February.


With a £150 prize at the end of the year to the unit that holds the Bog Seat for the longest period in 2013, last night’s winners have got a jump start on the rest of the field. The guys that did not take the trophy last night are already planning their next challenge to take the seat for themselves. Can your unit get there first?


To take the Bog Seat, you must think of a competitive challenge and invite the holders to take you on at a venue of your choice. Other teams are also free to join your challenge when issued, we will make sure to let them know for you. To organise and validate the challenge, contact Richard Williams ( ) or Alastair Richards ( ) and take your place on the list of contenders for this year’s prize.


The Competitors Teams from REN and Imperial Networks at Heathrow Bowling And so to the winners last night and the current holders of the GLMW Network Bog Seat. Yes it was the dark horse unit from REN. So to take your place on the 2013 BOG Seat Challenge roster, you need to challenge REN Network to a competition that you think you can win…. What are you waiting for?


The Top Scorer on the night... Top Scorer on the night