Bog Seat Challenge 2014 Up and Running

This years competition kicked off with a ten pin bowling challenge at Park Royal between the joint winners of last year’s challenge, Imperial (West London) and REN. REN feeling confident, arrived with enough players to enter two teams, Imperial were also feeling quietly confident so the competition was clearly going to be hot. The winners would be the team with the highest average team score over two games.

With all the teams getting off to a flying start, strikes and spares were posted by many players and the subsequent bravado was impressive. The end of the first game saw the average scores standing at: REN (Team Kate) 81; Imperial 86.3; and, clear leaders, REN (Team Pete) 92.2. The top individual scores Andrew (Imperial) 99, Kate (Team Kate) 115 and Joe (Team Pete) 129.

After a quick half time break for a refreshing drink and some managers briefings, the teams continued. Competition was fierce; more strikes for some, for others, the dreaded gutter seemed almost magnetic. The solution taken by a few was to slow down and concentrate, for others it was a case of more power and a heavier ball. The last few legs saw Fleur (Team Kate) score 124, Tina (Imperial) responding with a great 131, a very focused James (Team Pete) 136. Would this be enough to inspire his team to a win…?

The average team scores for the second game were posted as: REN (Team Kate) 75.8; REN (Team Pete) 99.4; and, Imperial 111.6.

The final overall average team score; REN (Team Kate) 78.5, REN (Team Pete) 95.8 and Imperial 99. A win to Team Imperial who carry off the Bog Seat Trophy and gain accumulated hold time for 2014. Congratulations to Imperial...

REN have immediately issued a challenge…Basketball, dates and venue tbc. so if you were not there but think you are the basketball champs, then look out for the challenge date and get yourselves in to this year's challenge.