Special Needs

What are special needs?

A 'special' or 'particular' need is any personal condition or situation that could make it difficult for a young person or adult to participate fully in Scouting.

The most comprehensive - and still valid - UK research into Special Needs was the Warnock Report, published in 1978. It showed that at any one time, about one child in six will require some form of special education provision. Therefore most Groups or Units will have one or more young people who have needs that are in some way particular to them.

County Executive

The County Executive Committee exists to support the County Commissioner in meeting the responsibilities of the appointment and to provide support for Scout Districts and the Scout Network in the County. The Committee is specifically responsible for:

  • promoting the development of Scouting in the County;

  • arranging for harmonious co-operation between Districts and between units of the Association and with other organisations;

  • the raising of funds and the administration of the County's finance and property, including those of the Scout Network;

  • appointing a County Appointments sub-Committee and a Chairman of such a sub-Committee;

  • appointing other sub-Committees and their Chairmen as the Committee may require;

  • attending to County administration, particularly:

    • matters relating to Leader Warrants;

PACCAR Management


 The County Executive Committee has established the Paccar Scout Camp, Management Board to manage, maintain and develop the camp site and to support the Site Manager in their duties.

Terms of Reference

Membership of the Board should include a Chairman, Deputy Chairman and four other appointed persons responsible for Finance, Development, Marketing and Health and Safety respectively. A representative of the districts in the county may be appointed without a specific area of responsibility. The Site Manager is an invited member. 


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Brand Guidelines

The Scout Association has brought out a series of guidelines to help ensure a unified brand message across the county, please read the highlighted points that apply to GLMW in the Following the Branding Guidelines help page.

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Newsletter Issues

The county currently sends two newsletters; GLMW County News and County Update, the former is a quarterly, general newsletter intended for the wider public as well as those involved around the coun

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