Safeguarding Training B

Who needs it?

The new Safeguarding training must be completed before your review for your adult appointment. This means that if you are a Leader, an Assistant Leader, a Manager (GSLs/DCs etc) or a Supporter (ADC etc), you will need to complete the new training before the date of your next review.  If you are a Section Assistant then you will also need to complete this training before your review too.

Executive Committee members do not need to attend, however, they may find it beneficial. 

The Safeguarding courses are open to all adults in Scouting.

Why do I need this Scouting course?

We know that many adults in Scouting will have received some Safeguarding training from other organisations or through work, however, this event focuses on Scout Policies and Scouting situations which will not be covered elsewhere.

Is it mandatory?

Yes. The Scout Association has made repeating this event, as part of your Ongoing Learning, mandatory just in the same way as First Aid needs to be kept up to date.

How do I book a place?

Contact your Local Training Manager (LTM) or Local Training Administrator (LTA) or your District Commissioner (DC) to book. In order that we can ensure we have adequate facilities and resources for you, it is important that you confirm you will be attending.

When and where are the events?

The courses are shown in the Training Diary.