We have compiled some Frequently Asked Questions. Please use the Contact Us page if you have any other questions.

Q. Can anyone within Scouting take part?

A. The training programme is open to all adults (18+) within Scouting and while they are prioritised towards GLMW members, they are open to any Scouters.

Q. How much does a training weekend cost?

A. Typically, a bunkhouse based weekend will cost around £45 and a camping based weekend will cost about £20. In both cases, this does not include petrol costs which are met by participants sharing transport to the weekends. On a bunkhouse weekend, all food for Saturday and Sunday are provided. When we camp, participants bring their own food.

Q. Do I need to have any hill walking experience to take part?

A. No, our training programme will be tailored towards the individuals on each weekend but can cover everything from how to take a compass bearing to knowing when to use a confidence rope on a steep piece of ground. We allocate people into a walking group on the weekend that will be suitable for them, taking into account fitness and ability. A reasonable level of fitness is assumed as some of the terrain can be difficult and this is after all, a hill walking team.

Q. When are the training weekends?

A. Our calendar of events is on another page of this website. View them by visiting the Events page from the menu bar, and selecting 'Adult Volunteer' from the list box.

Q. Do I need any special kit to walk in the hills?

A. Starting out, you can probably pull together the clothing you need from things that you already have. We provide a kit list for each weekend, an example one is shown here (https://www.glmwscouts.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/Hill-Walking-Kit-List.pdf).

The terrain in the hills can be rough and rocky at times so a good strong pair of walking boots should be worn. Also, as you might expect in the UK, the weather can occasionally get a bit wet so a good set of waterproofs is important to bring along. You should use a small rucksac to carry things on the walking days that we arrange.

Q. I already have a lot of experience of walking in the hills, can I just apply to be assessed on one of your weekends?

A. Yes. One of our key objectives is to increase the number of qualified leaders who can take young people out into the hills. You can see what we need you to do to sign up for an assessment by visiting our assessment section in the green 'More in this section' panel to the right. Having said that, we often have experienced walkers using our weekends to build their logged time in the hills in different areas of the country and contributing to the training we put into the events so that newer participants get to benefit from a broader range of knowledge so why not come along to weekends and join in there too.

Q. How do I know when a weekend event is open for me to join?

A. Just drop an e-mail to getinthehills@glmwscouts.org.uk or use the Contact Us page and we will add you to our mailing list. We will e-mail you with the details of each event as they approach so that you can sign up.

Q. Do I have to come on every weekend?

A. While we like people to come along whenever they can, not everyone can make it every time so you can pick the weekends that fit with your diary. The weekends we organise are around the same dates and run six times each year so there are lots of opportunities to get involved.

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Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls