Administration and Accounts

Advice and information on accounting, insurance, registration, record keeping and running your section

The County Trustee Board

The County Trustee Board exists to support the County Commissioner in meeting the responsibilities of their appointment and act collectively as charity Trustees of the Scout County, and in the best interests of its members.

Please contact the County Trustee Boa for any guidance or assistance with Group and District Committees.


Record and account keeping are an important part of Scouting, and help ensure the safe and effective running of any section, Group, District or County. To carry out these tasks effectively, you will need to collect and store information in line with the Data Protection Act, further advice can be found in data protection and Scouting.


Whatever your role, you will probably have a role to play in ensuring that accurate financial records are maintained. Find out more…

The County Trustee Board has policies for accounting, event budget proposals and out of pocket reimbursements. If you require guidance and advice on in your Group or District’s policies, please contact us.


The Trustee Board is responsible for ensuring that there is adequate insurance in place for people, property and equipment.

All Members of The Scout Association are covered by insurance while taking part in Scouting activities. Find out more…

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