International trips have some additional complexities that you may need to plan for.

Here are some things to consider :

Does your insurance cover cancellation of the event (specifically due to Covid)?

What are the Covid Vaccination requirements of the countries you will be travelling through or visiting?

– does everyone have a valid passport and visa?

– where is the best place for everyone to get foreign currency? When?

– finance and budgets; what if the exchange rate changes unfavourably?

– how much will the additional insurance cost you?

– travel; what if a participant doesn’t arrive on time?

– travel; what if a participant loses their passport?

– international help; which nationalities are travelling and what embassies might you need to contact?

– what if a young person / adult gets lost or separated from the Group?

– communications; will you be able to use your mobile phones in the country you are travelling to (network connectivity and charges)?

– what if someone has to be repatriated? Do you have sufficient leaders to manage the incident and repatriation?

– what if someone needs medical help?

– do you need any extra kit items such as adapters?

– will the weather / temperature be very different at your destination?  Do you need extra clothes, water bottles etc.?

– do you need any vaccinations?

– what do you / participants need to have while travelling?

– does any additional paperwork need to be carried e.g. copies of visas and passports?

– how many first aid kits do you need to take / carry with you?

– how will you move equipment such (e.g. tents, kitbags) to the location?

– do any of the participants have anxieties about travelling by plane / boat?

– are there any variations in law that are relevant to your trip?

– if you are being hosted abroad, will you need to take local gifts with you?

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls