Bernard Frank Archer…

The funeral service for Bernard Frank Archer was held on Monday 16 February 2015 at Wealdstone Methodist Church.

In the Tribute at the Funeral Service, Bernard was described as a dependable and trustworthy person who had a well-spent life of great service who would be missed by a great number of people in Harrow.

Bernard was born in Wealdstone on 10 September 1927 and attended Sundayschool at Wealdstone Methodist Church as this meant he did not need to cross the main road to Holy Trinity Church where his parents worshipped. When he was older he attended Holy Trinity Church, was a choirboy and an active member of the church.

He was a Wolf Cub in the 10th Harrow which met at Holy Trinity and then moved to 6th Harrow where he continued as a member for the rest of his life.

Bernard attended Grant Road, Belmont and Chandos Schools. He ran messages during the war for the local police as a young Scout.

He was apprenticed as an engineer repairing tanks at Acton and attended Acton Technical College. After the war he applied for a job in the print works at the Harrow Observer but was offered a job as a planner, which he did for the next 53 years. After retirement he was asked back to help with computerisation and finally retired aged 73.

At Holy Trinity Church he was a member of the HT Fellowship, taking part in Drama and Pantomimes.

He married Francis Brown in 1969 and lived in Pinner and then Spencer Road Wealdstone. They had two sons: David in 1972 and Colin in 1974 and went for their holidays to Mundesley in Norfolk.

He carried out administrative duties for the Wealdstone Active Community, the older people’s panel and the Harrow Senior Residents Group.

He was Assistant Cub Scout Leader (1946-1950), Assistant Scout Leader (1950-1969), Group Scout Leader (1987-1992) and Chairman of 6th Harrow (2006 onwards), Public Relations Officer for Harrow and Wealdstone Scout District (1997 onwards), and was at his best when out and about in the community, including leading the contingent at the Remembrance Day Service.

He was awarded the Medal of Merit in 1989, the Silver Acorn in 1996, Bar to the Silver Acorn in 2004, Chief Scout’s Award for 60 years service in 2006, and in 2007 received the Mayor of Harrow’s Award for Service to the Community.

His death was sudden and unexpected and the theme of gratitude ran throughout his funeral service.