Bert Wheeler…

Bert Wheeler’s involvement with the Scouting Movement started in 1935 at the age of 13. After his move to Northolt, he began his Scouting in Greenford District in 1955, as Acting ASM at 7th Northolt then in 1967 becoming ASM, and progressing in 1958 to SM, followed by GSM in 1960.

He was subsequently appointed DSM, a position he held until 1967; becoming ADC/S. In 1967, when 7th and 5th Northolt merged to become 12th Northolt, he continued until 1969 as S L, carrying on as ADC General Duties from 1970 to 1976. His appointment then changed to District Commissioner, a position he retained until 198l. After this time he took on the responsibility of Shop Manager/Badge Secretary, joining the Scout Fellowship.

Apart from Long Service Awards, he was presented with the Medal of Merit in 1976, the Silver Acorn in 1986, the Bar to the Silver Acorn in 1997, and finally the Silver Wolf in 2002

Bert was a man who was always able to communicate with the young people with whom he came into contact, and this showed by the friendships he maintained long after they had moved away from the District to forward their private lives and careers. Their loyalty was obvious by the numbers who attended his funeral, travelling long distances, one even flying in from America on the day of the funeral.

There was an ever open door at his home. During his long Scouting service, Bert was always fully supported by his wife of over 60 years, Bett.

To Bett and their family, our deepest sympathy is given, and also our sincere thanks for all he did for Greenford and District. The number of people from Greenford and District Scouts, together with other friends and acquaintances, who attended the Church Service, and the following Cremation (standing room only at both), showed how respected he was.