Brenda Watts…

We first met Brenda via the 5th Roxeth committee that she served for at least 25 years.

When Roxeth District started its fund raising committee Brenda was one of the first to volunteer. At the same time we were catering for the county on training courses. Affection­ately known as Rent a Mob due to their willingness to help in any way possible. Brenda must have been one of the first to wear the coveted red teeshirt worn by the large team of district helpers.

As the District Headquarters became more used, catering was carried out as a fund raising effort, Brenda was up for this, at the same time she became ADC Scout Fellowship as well as secretary for the Scout Leaders Council Fund Raising Committee and the RAM club.

All of these activities she did so enthusiastically and with perfection as was her way in all she did. Never during all of these activities did she neglect her duties as a mum to Raymond or as a daugh­ter to her late father Vernon and her mother Cynthia.

She took part in 4 exchange trips with our Dutch Exchange District of Hengelo. On the second ex­change taking mini buses, if Brenda was at the wheel in front there was a need to keep your foot on the accelerator to keep up.

During so many happy years of working in a team that had Brenda as an active member we were continually laughing or leg pulling which made the work that we did enjoyable and not like work at all. At no time did Brenda ever let her affliction hinder her and would made light hearted any jokes about it, such as the fact that she was the only one on the team who could clean the china cof­fee pots, and if you forgot and said “can I give you a hand”, she had been know to say “that’s good, we will have 3 between us now”.

When thinking of Brenda I can always vividly see her in a ca­noe on the canal at Kings Langley in a row with 20 others bridging the canal like a pontoon, thoroughly enjoying herself with Dutch and English Scouts, but they knew who was in charge!

Brenda received in recognition of service to Scouting the Medal of Merit that she duly deserved and of which she was justly proud.

Regretfully one can never think of all the funny things that happened between us, but one thing is a fact, we never had a harsh word, if there was a problem it was sorted out. Whilst in the company of Brenda we always had fun and the knowl­edge that you had a trustworthy reliable friend who would not let you down and made you feel most comfortable.