Charles Glover…

Charles died recently at the age of 87. He was a Scout in thought word and deed for nearly 76 years. He joined 1st Uxbridge Scout Group in 1928 when their meetings were held in the cellar of a local Baker’s.

He recalled weekend camps in Denham and hauling the camping gear on a trek cart. Those early adventures kindling an interest in travel. In later years as ADC Scouts he organised trips abroad to Holland, Luxembourg and Germany. In 1934 he was awarded the Kings Scout Award and selected as’ part of the Colour Party at the Windsor Castle parade becoming Assistant Scout Master in 1935.

When war was declared in 1939 Charles was on a cycling holiday in France with a fellow scout. His mother was anxious for a couple of days, but they both returned in good fettle and it wasn’t long before he joined up, serving in Gibraltar from 1941-1945. After the war in 1948 he became SM of 1st Uxbridge until his appointment as DSL in 1969. In 1951 he gained his Wood Badge and was awarded his Long Service Decoration and received a Medal of Merit in 1967. Charles was appointed ADC Scouts in 1973 and District Commissioner in 1978. He was instrumental in establishing a district sailing club having become a Sailing Instructor himself in his 50’s. On retirement as D.C. he became President of UDSA and 1st Uxbridge and was still instructing Scouts at Hillingdon Sailing Base well into his 70’s.

He was partner with his wife owning Book Shops in Hayes & Ickenham. Betty often retells the story of the young scout phoning him up at work on a Saturday in the shop “Charlie are you going sailing today”? and he would look across to her to get the nod of approval. Charles would like to be remembered for carrying on the spirit of scouting started so long ago on Brownsea Island, by its basics, instructing young boys in the art of lighting wood fires and cooking sausages, which although invariably burnt to a cinder, always praised their efforts. He believed very strongly that it was the patrol system that kept the movement going. 1st Uxbridge moved many times from the “Baker’s cellar” until eventually a brand new Headquarters was opened in the 1980’s when Charles was one of the guests of honour. He was awarded a Silver Acorn in 1980 and finally made President of Uxbridge District in 1985.
Stephen Glover