Clive Thomas…

I have written Clive’s name large, for he was one of those sometimes larger than life characters, that sometimes cross our paths in Scouting.

He was born in 1935 in Chiswick and whilst he was a choirboy and altar server at St Nicholas’s in Chiswick it appears he was a member of their Youth Club, rather than their Scout Troop. His career as a Grocer with the Co-op was cut short by National Service, during which he was trained as a Cook. After his demob he joined British Rail filling various roles, spending his working life with them, and retiring as an Advertising Manager.

In the 1960’s Father Brian Horlock, who was then Scout Leader of the 18th Chiswick recruited and introduced him to the joys of Scouting, a journey that was to last until the 7th of September 2007. Clive was at various times SL and GSL of the 20th Chiswick, was an ADC Scouts and for five years DC of Acton Brentford and Chiswick. He was an active member of the District Fellowship and the Friends of Chalfont (FOC), being a member of the FOC Committee. Clive was also a very involved worker at, and a great supporter of, our County campsite.

His service was recognised by the award of the Medal of Merit in 1978, the Silver Acorn in 1988, and in 2007 St George’s Day awards a Bar to the Silver Acorn (an Award that thrilled him immensely) in recognition of his continued outstanding service. The turnout at his funeral on the 26th September at St Nicholas’s Church in Chiswick where he had worshipped all his life, reflected the respect and regard in which he was held.