Colin Whitehead…

Colin’s funeral was held at Breakspear Crematorium, Ruislip, on Wednesday 17th April.

Colin was Invested as Cub Scout in 1946 with the 10th Roxeth eventually becoming a Scout with 2nd Northolt. He then joined 8th Greenford Rover Scouts and was awarded one of the first Queen’s Scout Awards with the present Queen. He then joined 3rd Perivale as an ASL, 5th Greenford as an SL and with 1st Northolt Sea Scouts became ASL, SL, ASL and finally became their Treasurer.

He was a Canoe Instructor at Longridge, one of our County Boat Examiners and was a Qualified First Aider. He took part in a trip from Gerrards Cross Station to Hedgerley Park using a trek cart with pneumatic tyres. One of the tyres was punctured and had to be stuffed with paper to continue the trip. He also took part in an expedition to the Brecon Beacons to see the rising sun where Blacks had made a special cagoule with the rising sun emblem and Seven Queen’s Scouts took part in the expedition. He took Scouts canoeing, sailing and narrow boating with Hillingdon Narrowboats Association and two trips to Kandersteg.
Mike Parsons

Tribute from John Burton

I first met Colin back in 1970 when we were both guests of the WM at West Twyford Coronation Lodge when a fellow Scout Leader entered the Craft. I had seen Colin around the Greenford District Scout HQ on a number of occasions and at the annual Gang Show but our paths had not, until then, crossed. In Scouting. Colin was a Kings Scout, something he was immensely proud of and he looked on the aims and objectives of Scouting and those of Freemasonry as being one of the same.

He ran the 1st Northolt Sea Scouts as if you were on board ship with the Ceremonial Sword being marched in at Flag Break, and marched out when the flag was struck. On arrival at their HQ one had to seek “permission to come aboard” and if a distinguished visitor arrived they would be “piped aboard”. He regularly took his Scouts to camp usually on the water and generally once a month they would spend an evening at Longridge Camp Site at Marlow undertaking a range of water activities on the Thames.

For many years Colin was very much involved in Greenford Gang Show, organising the lighting and sometimes appearing on stage. He was awarded the Scout Association’s Silver Acorn by the Chief Scout and later a Bar to that award for Services to Scouting.

On a personal note I am indebted to Colin both as a Scouter and as an individual for the part he played in developing the character of my own two sons. Colin was a committed Freemason and apart from his participation in Craft Masonry and as Royal Arch Mason he also enjoyed the work of the Rose Croix. He was a skilled organist and played for a number of Lodges in West London, mostly at the West Ealing Centre and invariably as an Honorary Member of the respective Lodge. In 1978 I invited Colin to become the Honorary Organist at the Baron Renfrew Lodge on my accession to the Master’s Chair, little did he know that 29 years later he would still be providing the music at that Lodge and not once during that time did we have to find a stand in for him.

Professionally Colin was a Master Chef and trained under the famed Trumpetto at the Savoy Hotel in London but eventually he put away his tools and went into catering management. He became Catering Controller for Wilkinson Sword and in due course the Graviner Organisation. It was in this capacity that he organised catering hospitality for the company at the Farnborough Air Show and on a number of occasions had the pleasure of being presented to HRH the Duke of Kent in a non-Masonic context. Colin was devoted to his family and whenever we spoke the subject would inevitably get round to wives and the kids, their trials and tribulations, career progress, and so on.

In recent years Colin was plagued with ill health and as his health deteriorated he was saddened that he could no longer work on the model of the Central Line he had hoped to complete in his garden, similarly his inability to play the organ also took its toll. Repeated hospitalisation became the order of the day. Colin will be sadly missed both in Scouting and in Freemasonry and our sympathies are extended to Lesley and to his two children Nigel and Sarah. Colin, Rest in Peace.