Daphne Gibson…

Daphne, or Daff as she was affectionately known at Chalfont, was born and lived in Charminster in Dorset until her marriage. After finishing her education she worked at a local Radio & Television distributor where she met David her future husband whom she married in 1970.

With the birth of Anthony in 1974 she gave up work until her Father and Mother in law, having moved nearby on their retirement, enabled her to return to employment in a small local primary school, from which developed her taste for work in that field.

When Anthony was in the Cubs in the early 80s, and the Pack had a leadership problem, David became the Akela and Daff an ACSL, Haithi, roles they both fulfilled until they moved to Chalfont in 1990 on the appointment of David as the Warden at the campsite, her role being to work for the site for 20 hours a week, this timing enabled her, also on a part time basis, to resume working in the education field in the Bursars office at the Amersham School, a job she was still doing at the time of her death. She put up a great fight once cancer had been diagnosed earlier in 2010, but all to no avail.

The Friends of Chalfont enjoyed for many years her support as Secretary and as a totally involved member. Her time at the site as “Mrs Warden”, brought her into close contact with many of the volunteer crew members, many of whom will remember her with great affection for her constant help and support, her unstinting support for David, particularly during the tragic pool drowning in 1997, and for her unfailing humour, even to the extent of being fully dressed as a fairy, waving a wand, singing a carol on the doorstep in Ruislip of the Chairman at the time, much to the amusement of all the slow passing motorists and members of the public, exemplifying her wonderful sense of humour that we will all miss.