Frank Bodley…

Frank first came into contact with 7th Feltham Sea Scouts when his son Paul joined Cub Scouts in 1967 and in 1969 after Eric Stevens retired, he was asked to be Group Scout Leader a post he held until 1974. In 1975 he became a member of the Group Executive Committee until 2009.

Frank specialised in Fist Aid instruction for the Scout section and was always available for help and advice. He was always on hand to deal with maintenance in the Scout Hut and was probably in his 80’s when he went into the loft to fix faults with the security system.

Frank was an excellent Group Scout Leader, Committee member, helper at Scouts and set a wonderful example for other Leaders and Committee members to follow for over 42 years.

He was awarded the Medal of Merit in 2007 and the Chief’s Scout’s 30 Years Service Award in 2008.

Frank’s son Colin joined the Group in 1975 as a Cub Scout and now he and his wife Sam both help at our Scout Group. Frank’s granddaughters are both Scouts. I am sure that Paul and Colin are very proud of their father’s contribution to 7th Feltham Sea Scouts.

Mike Parsons Group Scout Leader, 7th Feltham Sea Scout Group