John Crook…

The funeral of John Crook took place on Thursday 20th March 1997 and was attended by family, friends and fellow Scouters at St. Joseph’s Church in Harrow Weald.

The coffin was escorted by flags representing the District, Venture Scouts, Sea Scouts and 37th Willesden. The cremation service was held at Ruislip Crematorium.

John’s connection with Roxeth District was as ADC.VS. He was a member of 37th Willesden and leader of Sea Scouting in Hammersmith in previous years and more recently his membership of the Thames Scout Cruising Club endeared him to a great number of friends, many of whom were present at his funeral.

The dedication was read by John Vian, Roxeth District Chairman.

Then on Sunday 4th May, his Ashes were buried and a Silver Birch Tree planted in his memory on Sherrif’s Island at Longridge, the Scout Boating Centre, where John and Doreen kept their boat. This was followed by a naming ceremony of a Canadian Canoe dedicated to him called CROOKIE BOY.

The occasion was organised by members of the Thames Scout Cruising Club in cooperation with Longridge Staff and Service Crew.

Our condolences go to Doreen, and sons. Richard. Mark and Les.