John Rapley…

Scouting was a major part of John Rapley’s life from when he became a Wolf Cub in 2nd Chiswick in 1919 until the day he died.

John moved to 17th Acton as a Scout and became a leader there and later an ADC and DC of the old Acton District. In 1947 he became an ACC in Middlesex – a post he held until 1955.

In the early days of the Second World War he joined the Boy Scout Association and became a Travelling Commissioner in the United Kingdom. Over the years he had many roles most of which had an international involvement. He was very involved with World Jamborees and was the Deputy Organising Commissioner for the Sutton Coldfield Jamboree, Indaba and Moot in 1957. In 1961 he became the first Warden of Baden-Powell House.

John was awarded the Silver Wolf in 1964. He moved to Somerset in 1968 and was involved in local Scouting until his death.