Margaret Smith…

The Requiem Mass for Margaret Smith was held on Monday 31 March 2014 at St Luke’s RC Church Pinner.

Margaret May Smith was born in February 1928 as Margaret May Baker and was a teacher. She married Ray Smith (who became Assistant County Commissioner for Cub Scouts) and they initially lived in Hayes and Harlington and later moved to Pinner.

Margaret’s life was characteried by “love in action”. She had a concern for children and young people and her actions spoke louder than words. Her love was generous, without counting the cost, she played her part in the betterment of people. She showed enthusiasm and perseverance in both good times and bad. Her love survives in those touched by her.

Margaret would have liked a career on the stage and helped produce the County Cub Scout Shows. As well as Scouting, Margaret supported Rotary and British Red Cross.

Margaret’s connection with Scouting started in 1944 as Assistant Cub Master of 3rd and then 4th Harlington until 1951. When she and Ray moved to Pinner she helped with 5th Headstone becoming Cub Master from 1964 until 1967 and then ACSL until 1974. When Ray became DC of Roxeth, Margaret became an Instructor in Roxeth District and then DSCL and ADC(LT) for Roxeth District from 1974 to 1983.

Margaret was an Assistant Leader Trainer in GLNW from 1984 to 1985, County Beaver Adviser from 1984 to 1985 and then the first Assistant County Commissioner for Beaver Scouts in this County, when Beaver Scouts first became full members of the Association, from 1985 to 1991. She afterwards served on the District Executive and as Appointments Secretary for Pinner and Headstone District.

Her service to Scouting was recognised by the award of the Medal of Merit in 1973, the Silver Acorn in 1980 and the Silver Wolf in 1990.