Valerie Bright…

Valerie Bright joined Scouting in November 1965, on her 18th birthday. However I had the privilege of meeting Valerie when I joined the County Training Team in 1987, where she mentored me, passing on her Valuable knowledge.

We then worked together over many years in both County and in the nineteen nineties when Valerie joined the Heston & Isleworth District Gang Show Production Team.

Valerie was an active and a very supportive ACC (Cub Scouts) who introduced some large and adventurous activities into the County which were both successful and great fun. On her training courses she led with creativity and enthusiasm bringing together new ideas and thoughts which stretched and developed new leaders.

Valerie was recently appointed ADC (Cub Scouts) in Thameside Grand Union and throughout her illness continued to support the District Commissioner and the Cub Section from a distance and the business side of the last Gang Show.

A wonderful, loving and caring wife, mother, and grandmother who will be so dearly missed, we thank
you for all you did for so many young people and leaders over so many years. Thank you Val and rest peacefully. God Bless.