Wendy Meade…

7th Feltham Beaver Scout Leader 1986, ADC Beaver Scouts 1998. Silver Acorn awarded 2009.

Tribute by Peter Goodall

Wendy passed away peacefully on Thursday, 17th February. Her funeral took place at Hanworth Crematorium on 3rd March 2011. Wendy started helping with 7th Feltham Sea Scouts when her Son joined the Scout Group. In 1986 she started the 7th Feltham Beaver Scout Colony, becoming Beaver Scout Leader at that time, which is the appointment she held until her death. In 1991 she became District Beaver Scout Leader and in 1998 ADC Beaver Scouts.

During her time as a Leader and Commissioner she has given the Beaver Scouts a very interesting and attractive programme. Wendy has supported her Group in all their activities whether fund raising, family camps, maintenance of the headquarters, helping at Pack Meetings, Troop Meetings, Group camps etc. Within Feltham District, as ADC Beaver Scouts she supported all her Leaders, always being available to give them guidance and showing a good example of what they should be doing with their Beaver Scouts.

Wendy has organised various District Activities e.g. visits, Beaver Sleepovers, Christingle services etc., as well as arranging District participation in County events like the Beaver Bonanza at Chalfont Heights Scout Camp site. Over many years, with her partner Mike Parsons, she has supported the County Water Activity Team in various roles. Wendy was also involved in the Water Activities base at the World Jamboree in 2007. In 2000 she received her 20-year service award, and for her services to Scouting she received her Medal of Merit in 2002, her Silver Acorn in 2009 and was awarded a Jack Petchey Award in 2011.

The funeral service took place on Thursday, 3rd March, 12:30pm, at Hanworth Crematorium. Loved and missed by all her family and friends. A wonderful partner, sister, mother and proud grandmother.