The GLMW 20in20 Challenge

The GLMW 20in20 Challenge is a programme challenge for every member of the County to try in 2020. Complete 20 challenges from the list below and gain yourself the 20in20 badge.

The GLMW 20in20 Challenge

Develop your skills – Achieve awards – Join in with others

The idea for this challenge badge came from a suggestion by a Cub when completing a postcard to the Chief Scout, Bear Grylls. They challenged him to set 20 challenges to be completed in the year 2020. We were inspired to set this challenge up for the County in a way that would enable everyone to take part.

We have set up 20 Challenge categories for you to complete. 18 of them are in core challenge areas or themes with an additional 2 from 4 that you can select for yourself.

As you complete each challenge, get it recorded on your very own record card, validated by your section leader. Alternatively, you can track your achievement in OSM where we have set up the Challenge award for the County.

Completing 20in20 While we are in Lockdown

Although the suspension of face-to-face Scouting has brought some additional challenges to us all, this will not stop us completing and participating in our Scouting activities! The 20in20 Challenge is a really flexible award that enables many variations of each of the challenges. We have put together this ‘Coronavirus Lockdown Version’ of 20in20 to help keep everyone in touch with ideas for completing as many of the challenges and participating in Scouting from home. We hope that you enjoy still being able to complete the 20in20 Challenge.

Monitoring 20in20 in OSM

To add the 20in20 Challenge Badge to OSM for your Section:

  • Open OSM
  • Go to your Section if you have access to more than one
  • Go to badges then Challenges
  • Click on Add Badges and in the search box type GLMW
  • You will be presented with a badge option that has the GLMW logo and 20 in 20
  • Click on Add Badge to my Challenge area.

It works just the same as any other badge and can be populated from the programme and register as well.

Taking the 20in20 Challenge will bring Top Awards to every section in the County’

Each challenge category has flexibility in how you achieve it. We’ve listed some ideas for how you could do it in each of the sections – Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers. But, if you want to take a different approach in any of the categories, then let us know and we can help you get to the right level of challenge.

Leaders, Network and other adults in the County can also take part and we have set up a challenge list for you too so don’t wait to be asked… just get involved.

Getting Hold of Your Completed Badges

If you have completed the 20 in 20 Challenge, send an email to our team in the office and they will help you to order your badges.

The 18 Core Challenge Categories

  Challenge Category Examples for Beavers Examples for Cubs Examples for Scouts Examples for Explorers/ Young Leaders
1 Camping Camp overnight in a tent   Camp for 2 nights in a tent Camp overnight not in a tent Camp overnight off the ground
2 Campfires & Cooking Cook on a campfire Light a fire & Cook something on it Cook a 3 course meal for your leaders on a campfire Cook a meal off the ground
3 Hiking Go on a 2 mile/3.5km hike   Go on a 5 mile/8km hike Go on a 10 mile/ 16km hike Go on an expedition of 30km
4 Climbing or Getting Higher Climb 20m (could be 2 x 10m climbs) Climb 50m (Could be up a hill) Climb 100m (Could be in a tall building) Climb a total height of 500m
5 Knots & Lashings Tie a reef knot Tie 5 knots Tie 10 different knots in 20 minutes Tie 20 different knots in 20 minutes
6 Water Sports Try a paddle sport   Canoe or kayak across a lake Try sailing or paddleboarding Sail or paddleboard across a lake or race a dragonboat
7 District Events Join in a District/County Beaver event Take part in a District/County Cub event Take part in a District/County Scout event Take part in an event with other groups of Explorers/Young Leaders
8 Going Wild Build a den Build a bivouac Build a den using pioneering skills Make an entrance archway for an event using pioneering skills
9 Adventurous Activities Try an adventurous activity   Try another adventurous activity Try an adventurous activity you haven’t done before Try an adventurous activity you haven’t done before  
10 Safety Online Learn to be safe online Take part in an activity to show you know how to be safe online Devise a code of conduct about safety on social media Help someone to understand and use IT/social media
11 Getting to Know Your Community Meet someone outside Scouting who serves the local community Meet someone outside Scouting who serves the local community Meet someone who serves the local community (MP, Assembly member, Mayor or councillor) Identify a local issue and attend a local ward or council forum to talk about the problem and possible solutions
12 Making Choices Together Take part in a log chew Take part in a pack forum Take part in a troop forum Take part in a unit forum  
13 Team Building Do a team building activity   Do a team building challenge Do a team building challenge Do a team building challenge
14 Going Outside Do an outside activity   Try a new outside activity Try a new outside activity Try a new outside activity
15 First Aid Learn what to do at an accident Learn how to do first aid at the site of an accident Learn how to respond in an emergency and carry out first aid Show that you know how to deal with a range of emergencies, and carry out first aid.
16 Connecting With the World Say hello in 5 languages Say hello in 20 languages Communicate with Scouts in another country Make a 5 minute video clip about your unit to show at your District AGM
17 Reducing Pollution Go litter picking, and collect 20 pieces of plastic Take part in a community litter picking event Organise and take part in a  community litter picking event Use social media to advertise and organise a litter picking event, and to report on the outcome
18 Helping Your Community Help with a local community project e.g. a food bank Help with a local community project Help with a local community project Help with a local community project

Plus Your Choice of Two Option Categories from these 4

1 Looking After Your Place Help with chores around the house Wash up and clean up after an event in your scout hut Help spring clean and tidy your scout hut/meeting place Help sort out camp stores and tidy your scout hut/meeting place, using DIY skills etc.
2 Thinking About Faith & Values Go and visit a different place of worship Go and visit a different place of worship Go and visit a different place of worship Go and visit a different place of worship
3 Being Inclusive Say the Beaver Promise in sign language Tie your shoelaces with just one hand Assess the accessibility of your Scout HQ Advertise how Scouting is open to all
4 Entertaining Others Sing songs around a campfire Entertain others at a campfire Entertain another section at a campfire Run a campfire entertainment /evening for another section or group

You can download and print your own Personal 20in20 Record Card

If you want to keep a copy of the Challenges handy, here is a downloadable listing

And here are the core challenges for anyone 18+ who is ready to take the plunge in 2020

  Challenge Category   Challenge Examples     Challenge Category   Challenge Examples
1 Camping Camp overnight in a hammock   11 Get to Know Your Community Organise a visit for your section to meet someone who works for your community
2 Campfires & Cooking Cook a celebration meal for your team on a campfire 12 Making Choices Together Go to a District/ County Leaders Meeting or organise an event in the district for adults in your section to meet
3 Hiking Take your section on an adventure hike 13 Team Building Run a team building activity for everyone in your Group or Unit
4 Climbing/ Getting Higher Organise a Climbing Event for your Section 14 Going Outside Do an unusual activity outside
5 Knots and Lashings Build a pioneering structure that is at least 2m high and 3m long on while at camp 15 First Aid, Safety & Safeguarding Keep your First Aid, Safety and Safeguarding Training current
6 Water Activity Organise a paddle sport or water activity day/evening 16 Connecting With The World Run an International themed evening
7 Nights Away Take your section or help take a section for a night away in an unusual place 17 Reducing Pollution Organise a litter picking day where everyone collects at least 20 pieces of plastic
8 Adult Recruitment Encourage two new adult members to join your team 18 Validation Validate three of your training modules or help another adult to validate their modules.
9 District Events Help to run a District Event  
10 Online Safety Organise an Online Safety evening for your section/Group/Team  

Plus 2 from the following 5 optional 18+ challenges

  Challenge Category Choices Challenge Examples
1 Skills Learn a new DIY Skill and teach it to your section
2 Faith & Values Go and visit a different place of worship
3 Inclusion & Diversity Arrange to meet Scouts from a different community
4 Entertainment Run a campfire entertainment /evening for new members of Scouting
5 Growing Your Section Take part in an event to encourage new Young People to try Scouting

Here is the download of an Adult 20in20 Record Card

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls