Virtual Race Across Europe

Virtual Race Across Europe

In the summer of 2021, Scouts from across GLMW will be making their final preparations before setting off for Kandersteg. To get ready for the adventure of a lifetime, we are really excited to launch our Race Across Europe where we’ll be challenging you to make your own virtual journey to The Kandersteg International Scout Centre.

Over the last few weeks we’ve all got used to exercising locally while in lockdown, so we have decided to make a way for every Scout to turn this in to a Virtual Race Across Europe. Each of you counting the distances you travel near home each week and adding them together to make a total for your team.

Then, starting from PACCAR Scout Camp, we will measure the distance you have covered by cycling/running/walking the equivalent of the 2156 km (1338 miles) to Kandersteg International Scout Camp and back to Paccar again. This will help your Scout Troop complete elements of the Teamwork Challenge Badge plus elements of the activity badges Cyclist & Physical Recreation. Working in teams of 12 from your Scout Troop, you will race against other Scout Troops from all the  Scout  Groups in GLMW (138 in total) to reach the finish line first and be crowned champions of GLMW!

How will this work?

1. You clock up miles by cycling, running or walking.
2. Record your distance travelled using any fitness app such as MapMyFitness, Strava, Garmin
etc. You can use iPhone or Android devices for free phone apps.
3. Email proof of your distance travelled to your Scout Leader i.e. a screenshot of the exercise
with the distance completed & date of completion. Only distances with accompanying proof
will be counted. Any distance without proof will be discarded. Telling your Scout Leader that
you’ve cycled 100 km with no proof won’t count!
4. Your Scout Leader will send the total distances covered each week to me.
5. If you do not have any device to measure the distance then your parents can email your
Scout Leader the distance covered using google maps.
6. Each Scout Troop will have their distances plotted on a chart/map that will be updated in
real time so that you can see if you’re winning.
7. Scout Troop numbers vary throughout GLMW and so all distances submitted will be adjusted
accordingly to make all group entries equal in numbers and make it a real team effort. So, if
you have, for example, 10 or 14 Scouts, then you can still enter. The scores will be adjusted
on a pro rata basis to a team of 12 Scouts.
8. Along the way (every 100 km), you will have a series of 10 challenges that can gain you extra
kilometres distance.
9. The race begins on Saturday 18th July 2020 and will run over the summer.

Once you are ready to submit your distances to your Scout Leader, make sure that you have written
your name and Patrol in your email to your Scout Leader in case they wish to run an inter patrol
competition within your Scout Troop. Your Scout Leader will then email your distances travelled to Howard.

Good Luck and happy cycling, running and walking!

Who will be champions of GLMW?


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