February 2020 Edition of MX News

Date: 2nd Feb 2020 Author: Richard Williams

Welcome to our new look MX News, the County Update for Greater London Middlesex West. From today, the update will be presenting short & sweet information updates and event announcements so that it is easy for you to keep on top of what is happening in GLMW.

In this MX News:

  • Dates for upcoming Climbing Courses & Assessments (All)
  • Dates for Narrowboat Steerers Courses (All)
  • Information about DC Support Days (DCs)
  • Dates for the next Map Skills Course (All)
  • The Census Timetable 2020 (GSLs & District Teams)
  • Registration for the GLMW Expedition to Kandersteg 2021 (All)
  • 20in20 Challenge is on OSM (All)
  • Young Leader Training Course (Young Leaders)

Climbing Courses & Assessments

14th & 15th March Climbing/Abseiling Leader Permit Training or Refresher (artificial climbing wall). Cost: £27.50

This course is for people wishing to work towards a Climbing/Abseiling Leader permit, or for those who have a permit but are feeling a little rusty.

Please note that participants are expected to have some previous climbing experience and to be able to belay and lower safely. They should be able to pass an indoor climbing wall entrance test. If you don’t have this experience, we can arrange tuition before the course provided we are given plenty of notice.

31st May Climbing/Abseiling Permit Leader Assessment or Reassessment (artificial climbing wall). Cost: £27.50 for Climbing and Abseiling or £10 for abseiling only and £20 for climbing only.

Assessment participants must have attended a training course or previous assessment and be able to show logbook experience of assisting at climbing walls or gaining peer-practice prior to attending this assessment.

If you are interested in any of these climbing events please contact alison.stockwell@glmwscouts.org.uk

Narrowboat Steerers’ Course 2020

Dates: Friday 28 February to Sunday 01 March, AND Friday 13 to Sunday 15 March 2020.

Course Fee: £200.

This two-weekend course is for adults and will cover narrowboat steering, operation of locks, basic maintenance and safety requirements, and crew management. The course on both weekends will start on the Friday evening from Harefield, returning there on the Sunday afternoon. The course fee will include boat hire and food (assistance with the catering will be required), and Certification. For more information and to apply for the course, please refer to the event details.


DC Support Days

Dates: Saturday 14th March 2020 (Gilwell Park) or Saturday 14th November 2020 (65 Queens Gate)

District Commissioners are invited to attend a Support Day at Gilwell Park or 65 Queen’s Gate (Baden-Powell House). The day complements the DC Induction by offering you the opportunity to meet staff from various HQ departments, and get top tips and advice by attending key workshops on various topics relevant to the DC role. There will be a chance to network with other volunteers in the same role from across the UK, and to meet and put your questions to senior volunteers and members of staff.

To book your place please visit: www.scouts.org.uk/dcday


Map Skills Day – 22nd March 2020

Cost: Free

Ever wanted to take your Beavers, Cubs, Scouts or Explorers for an adventure in to Countryside but you were not sure about finding your way with a map? Well this is the day for you. We’ll be taking a gentle stroll in the countryside around Gerrards Cross and all the while taking a look at some simple tips and tricks for keeping you and your patrols, sixes and lodges on track. This is the low stress way of building your confidence with a map and a compass.

The day will be led by Richard Williams, County Commissioner for GLMW. For more information and to register your interest, email him at richardwilliams@glmwscouts.org.uk

Take a look at this flyer for timings and more. MapSkillsforLeaders


Census Timings for 2020

The annual Scout Association Census is now live. If you are entering the data for your section, please make sure to get the data in to the online system as soon as possible and no later than the dates listed below. The Census window is only open for a short period this year so it is important that we enter our data as accurately and as quickly as we can.

The Census Timetable

  • 31st January – numbers counted as-of this date.
  • 10th February – all Group returns to be complete in online system and numbers of Young Leaders confirmed to your District
  • 17th February – District totals completed and submitted in the online system.
  • 24th February – County totals completed and submitted



Registration is now live and ready to go. If you have groups in your district who are looking to come along, please get the Group leaders to register their interest at the Group Registration Portal

Anyone who would like to join the staff team and service crew for the Expedition should register at the Staff Registration Portal

If you have any questions about the expedition take a look at our Facebook Page and please get in touch with the expedition leader, Richard Williams.


20in20 is NOW LIVE and can be monitored on OSM

And we’re getting a lot of enquiry already. If you can remind people that the information is all at the website at https://www.glmwscouts.org.uk/programme/20in20 they will find lots of detail to get involved. You can monitor your progress in the 20in20 Challenge on OSM. To see the badge in OSM for your Section:

  • Open OSM
  • Go to your Section if you have access to more than one
  • Go to badges and then Challenges
  • Click on Add Badges and in the search box type GLMW

You will be presented with a badge option that has the GLMW logo and 20 in 20

  • Click on Add Badge to my Challenge area.

It works just the same as any other badge and can be populated from the programme and register as well.


Young Leader Training Courses

The next GLMW Young Leaders training session is on Sunday 8th March, 2020. Running from 09:30am – 3:30pm it will be at 1st Northwood Scout Centre HA6 1RX. During the day the course will cover modules A, B, E,I and J. Young Leaders who want to attend can register by sending an email to paul.catchpole@glmwscouts.org.uk.


Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls