All of the information you will need to know about the adventurous activities we get up to

Adventurous Activities

Adventure is an integral part of Scouting and what makes it so exciting for the young people involved.

Whether you are looking for a County specialist to deliver an activity to your section, a centre to visit or advice on how to gain your own permit, contact our County Team who will able to point you in the right direction.

Taking part in adventure, often in the form of taking part in a specific activity is a key and exciting part of Scouting. Many activities are subject to the provision of suitably qualified permit holder, being either in Scouting or as a commercial provider.


Two of the most common questions that we get asked are:


“Is it okay to take the Beavers/Cubs/Scouts to …?”


“How do I get a permit for…?”


Here is some guidance to help answer those questions:


  • Which are adventurous activities and what permits are needed?

Please see the link below for an A-Z of activities and an outline of the adventurous activity scheme:

Link to A – Z of activities


  • How does the permit scheme operate and how do I apply for a permit?

Please see the link below:

Link to the Adventurous Activity Permit Scheme

For permits, the assessor is looking for an applicant with the both the technical skills and experience sufficient to lead or supervise an activity.

In most cases the technical skills can be gained via a formal course to a standard set by the national governing body of the activity concerned. However, the technical qualification in isolation does not constitute a permit and will often need to be backed up with evidence of relevant experience.  Application should be made to the relevant assessor, who will review the application and pass it (either as via paper form or via a Compass application) to the relevant Commissioner (District or County) for approval

The formal requirements of the scheme are in POR chapter 9.

Link to POR

N.B.: Any Scout permit must be detailed in the member’s record on Compass


  • What support can GLMW provide?

Within Greater London Middlesex West, we support the adventurous activity permit scheme with County assessors and advisors for specific activities.  Each of the teams also run specific events from time to time, details can be found in the events diary.


To contact any of the activity team members in regards to any of the specific Activities pages in this section please email either the relevant advisor or where no email is shown, Geoff Vanderplank Deputy County Commissioner (Activities).

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