District Announcements

Date: 6th Mar 2018 Author: Scout Websites

New team in Ealing & Hanwell District…

I’m really pleased to be able to tell you about our new DC Team for Ealing and Hanwell. Ben Pearson, Heather Jones and Simon Ketteringham have joined together to form a new DC team for the district.
Heather has been a leader in Ealing and Hanwell for over 20 years, mostly with the Beaver age-group, plus a few years as an Assistant Cub Scout Leader prior to that.  She has been a DBSL, ADC Beavers and a Training Adviser. Heather loves running activities for Beavers – it’s fun and energising and will continue alongside her DC team responsibilities.
Ben Pearson has been a leader in the District for over 20 years, always with the oldest youth section starting as an Assistant Venture Scout Leader at the 1st Hanwell before becoming an Explorer Leader when the sections changed in 2002 and later DESC for E&H. He also runs the County’s Expedition Training Team for young people and enjoys spending time helping them achieve their Duke of Edinburgh’s award.
Simon Ketteringham has been a leader in scouting for 7 years as an Assistant Explorer Scout Leader. He has been a key member of the team for the last three explorer expeditions to Kandersteg as part of the district. Simon is also a member of the County expedition training team and enjoys time hiking in the hills and mountains of the UK
Please join me in welcoming Heather, Ben and Simon to their new roles.

…and a new DC Team Member for Pinner and Headstone

Karl Howe has joined Tyler Skerton and Julie Biddle as a new member of the DC Team in Pinner and Headstone. Karl has been an active leader in the Cub Section at 2nd Headstone over the last 8 years before joining the DC Team.
Please join me in welcoming Karl to his new role.

What does a ‘DC team’ mean?

The team work together to share the role of DC. By sharing the workload sensibly between them, a team can bring the idea of flexible volunteering to life for this important organisational roles in a district.  Breaking out and allocating the various responsibilities of the DC role to the strengths of the individuals in the team enables a more effective delivery in a team where everyone has busy lives both within and outside scouting. The team base this on great communication and develop a plan so they each have their own areas of responsibility/operation and can work efficiently. If this sounds like and appealing way for you to get involved in the organisation and running of your district, then get in touch with me at richardwilliams@glmwscouts.org.uk.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls