May MX News

Date: 18th May 2020 Author: Phil Power

Dear friends in Scouting

Welcome to this latest edition of MX News. We have brought this to you earlier than usual to bring you news of a range of activities and events that we now have in the GLMW calendar for the coming weeks and months. You can read about 20in20 challenge activities, online concerts, forums and more.

This is a very important moment for us as Leaders in Scouting. A moment, the like of which we have been preparing ourselves for in the whole of our Scouting lives, whether that has been a few weeks, a few months or many years. I can’t tell you that we are at an easy moment right now, or that things are going to be incredibly better in no time at all. However, our actions now will determine the future of Scouting in our County and the potential well-being of our community of young people, their parents and all the other supporting adults we connect with in more normal times.

When the lockdown commenced just eight weeks ago, many of us jumped right in with an admirable enthusiasm to the creation of online programmes, virtual meetings and support for the vulnerable in our local communities. We’ve seen loo-rolls and scarves being thrown in every direction, campsites in living rooms and gardens, rainbows for our wonderful key workers, scavenger hunts and much, much more. I can’t thank you all enough for everything that you have already achieved.

Behind the scenes, our supporters and executive committee members have been making sure that we will still have headquarters and meeting venues to return to when we can. They have been seeking new sources of funding from local authorities or youth organisation funding charities. We have been securing our campsites so that they remain safe and viable for when we return. There is still so much to be done. All of these things have taken considerable energy and needed many hours of dedication from everyone pulling things together.
And now, with the growing realisation that lockdown was not just for a few weeks, that we are really in it for the long haul, that face-to-face Scouting is unlikely to resume before our favourite Summer season, we need to keep our resolve. This is the point at which our Scouting determination is really important and necessary so that we can carry our colleagues forward together. The contacts we have and continue to build across our County, Districts and groups are vital to our success now and in the future. More importantly, they have a key role to play in helping everyone in our movement to maintain a strong sense of well-being, a mental support for everyone through what for some may feel like a long and relatively isolating experience.
If it is just a simple postcard to a friend; a short few telephone calls to check that everyone in our section or unit is okay; an online zoom meeting; or, a Facebook live event; the positive impact is palpable. Each of us can and does make a difference with every such action we take. Don’t underestimate the need for everyone to feel connected at this time and your ability to make a difference to them.

At this time of year, I would normally be visiting many of you at Group and District events. There would be jolly speeches about how lovely everything is and how we build great skills for life for our young people. Everyone would smile happily and look forward to the next year and the camps, competitions and events that we all love. While I’m not able to be there in person with you right now, these things remain true. We will meet again. We will go camping and running and climbing and do all the many other things that we love in the great outdoors again.
By maintaining our movement in the virtual world right now, we will ensure that we can emerge stronger and safely back in to the light of face to face Scouting. Virtual does not just mean using a computer. So please take every action you are able to so that we continue to reach everyone in and at the edges of our movement, even those just wanting to be asked to join with their brothers, sisters or friends. If you haven’t felt comfortable jumping in to the virtual world yet and would like some help getting set up or started, get in touch with us at the County or with your District team and there will be someone wanting to help. There are ideas we can all share and programmes just waiting to be delivered.

So, while this may feel difficult or hard just at the moment and even though we’re not all able to see each other as much as we’re used to, by keeping in touch, working together and bringing our Scouting resolve to the forefront, we will get through it together. Thank you for everything that you have done and will be doing in the coming weeks and months to keep Scouting alive and strong in Greater London Middlesex West.

Richard Williams
County Commissioner – GLMW Scouts

In this MX News
• Looking forward to Adventure in 2021 – Kandersteg, Switzerland
• News from around the County
• Upcoming Events
• Virtual Animal Adventure
• PACCAR Scout Camp
• Care For Care Homes
• Local Training Manager Opportunity (Harrow)
• Jack Petchey Awards
• Remote Training
• National Scout & Guide Symphony Orchestra and Concert Band

Looking forward to Adventure in 2021 – Kandersteg, Switzerland

Our world is based around outdoors and adventure and we are all itching to get back out there and take in the excitement and experience of the Great Outdoors. We may find this summer our plans are being rearranged and deferred. In Greater London Middlesex West, we are still looking forward to our County Expedition to Kandersteg, Switzerland in August 2021. Seeing the beautiful Alpine scenery of high mountains, blue lakes and skies brings the adventure of a lifetime. For more details on the Expedition visit our Page on the GLMW Website.
Our plans are still underway and registrations are still open for Groups and individuals who want to come along. If you would like to join us then register your Group’s interest through the Group Registration Portal, of if you would like to join our staff team for the trip, register using the Staff Registration Portal. The Adventure is still to come…


News From Around the County

Being unable to take part in face to face Scouting hasn’t stopped you from reaching out and delivering an active programme to our young people. We have seen them take part in weekend camps, talent competitions, pioneering, cookery, challenges, quizzes and virtual hikes.

It is great to see that Scouting is very much alive in GLMW. Keep up the fantastic work!





Upcoming Events
25th-31st May – 20in20 Reducing Pollution.
8th-14th June – 20in20 Being Inclusive
21st June – Virtual Animal Adventure
22nd-28th June – 20in20 Connecting with the World

Virtual Animal Adventure

The PACCAR team have missed you all so much but just because we can’t meet at the moment, it doesn’t mean that we have stopped planning exciting events for you to take part in! We were very disappointed that we had to postpone the Cub and Beaver events but are really excited to announce news of our very first virtual fun day!
On Sunday, 21st June we will be holding our Virtual Animal Adventure which will run from our Facebook page where you can meet some of our favourite animals including alpacas and birds of prey, take part in live question and answer sessions as well as trying out some of our animal themed activities with the PACCAR crew.
We’ll be sharing more details as we have it, but in the meantime, please put the date in your diary and spread the word!



PACCAR Scout Camp
Whilst we may not be able for our friends to visit PACCAR at the moment, there is plenty of work going on behind closed doors in preparation for the day that we can welcome you all back.
Our international volunteers who live on site have been busy cleaning, maintaining and refreshing our equipment, buildings and camping areas so that everything is looking tiptop and ready for your return.
As the site is closed, our amazing crew are unable to visit site but are keeping in touch and already thinking about new events and activity days that can be added to the calendar.
We really can’t wait until we can see you on site again but in the meantime, you will be able to catch up with some of our crew at our Virtual Animal Adventure.
Stay safe and hope to see you all very soon!

Care For Care Homes

Join us in reducing the loneliness and improving the wellbeing of people in care homes as we collectively carry out 10,000 acts of kindness.
Care homes have been hit incredibly hard by the current global pandemic, from residents falling ill to being separated from their loved ones. Our young people have told us that they usually help care homes throughout the year and that the current crisis shouldn’t stop that from happening.
That’s why over the next few weeks we’re asking our young people to collectively carry out 10,000 acts of kindness to help residents in their local care home, become kindness champions and show that they ‘care for care homes’. From crafts to letters, videos to swapping skills, our young people will help care home residents to feel less lonely and more connected during the current health crisis.
You can find more information and ideas of how to show you care here.

Local Training Manager Opportunities (Harrow)
Use your skills to help adults gain theirs.
We have an exciting opportunity available for the role of Local Training Manager for Harrow & Wealdstone District. This is the volunteer lead for all elements of training in the District. The LTM will work in partnership with the District Commissioner and County Training Managers to manage and support training in the District to ensure it runs effectively. The role covers all elements of adult training – ongoing mandatory learning, wood badge training and learning activities for other roles. More information is available in the application pack.
If you have any questions, please contact Tyler Skerton.

Jack Petchey Awards

Even though our young people aren’t taking part in face to face Scouting they are still doing amazing things.
The Jack Petchey award scheme continues to run through the current situation and you should carry on nominating young people who are overcoming challenges, thinking of others or just being exceptional.
Nominations should be passed to your District Jack Petchey Coordinator. To find out who your coordinator is, please contact Claire Booth.

Remote Learning
Remember you can still engage with your adult training remotely, and we have information on our website with direct links to e-Learning and workbooks, and a video to point you in the right direction. In particular, it is important that everyone keeps their Safeguarding and Safety Training up to date during this period and that Module 1/1E is completed and validated within 5 months of appointment.

National Scout & Guide Symphony Orchestra and Concert Band

As you may now be aware, we have had to make the unfortunate decision of cancelling the NSGSO and NSGCB summer course for 2020 due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19. Whilst we are all incredibly disappointed to be in this position, we have been keeping in touch with our 2020 participants during lock-down and are delighted to share with you our very own Lock-down Orchestra performance!

The full performance can be viewed here. Featuring 94 musicians from across our 2019 and 2020 participants, led by both of our conductors, Leon Gee and Neil Wright, we present to you a one of a kind performance of ‘The Gang’s All Here’ by Rodney Newton, originally written for the Scout Centenary in 2007.
We are also on our open NSGSO and NSGCB Facebook page.

I would also like to take this opportunity to invite you to join our Friends Community, which brings together alumni, families, and supporters of music in The Scout Association and Girlguiding. We have a mailing list which keeps our community up to date with the latest developments from the NSGSO and NSGCB and gives advance notice of our concerts. It is free to join, so please head to to sign up or email to find out more.

Finally looking ahead to 2021, we are delighted to be able to announce that we have secured the prestigious booking of Coventry Cathedral for our main concert, which will coincide with Coventry being the UK City of Culture for 2021. We will be hosting a spectacular joint concert with both the Symphony Orchestra and Concert Band on Saturday 7th August 2021 and look forward to sharing more details with you all in due course. Our website is at

We wish you all the best for all that you are doing to keep your members going at this difficult time.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls