Materials for the Meeting the Challenges course

This page contains copies of the materials for the Meeting the Challenges courses on 28th March 2021 and 15th January 2022.

Validation information for this course is available on the validation page here.

Pre-course learning

There is some pre-course independent learning which you need to undertake before 6th March. It is important that you allow sufficient time to complete the relevant Independent Learning Units. These are all available online in a directory here.  The units to complete are listed below, with a direct link:

  • Getting the Word Out
  • Dealing with Difficult Situations
  • Enabling Change
  • Financial and Physical Resources
  • Decision Making

Materials in pre-course pack

You’ll receive a pack of materials before the course, digital copies of these are available here:

Session 1 – Managing difficult situations

Session 2 – Disputes and the complaints process

Session 4 – Safeguarding

Session 5 – Managing your time

Session 6 – Safety for Managers and Supporters; Validation of training

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