GLMW County Conference 2019

19th October 2019 saw the first County conference with representation from all of the Districts in the County for over five years. It was an opportunity to share ideas, reveal news about events and new initiatives in the County and to help us plan for the future to ensure that everything we do will continue to support and develop great Scouting in Middlesex West. The day took place at the Willow Tree Centre nr Ruislip and consisted of presentations, discussion fora and working sessions.

The wide range of sessions for the day meant that there was something for everyone to get involved with… Everyone had something new to take away from the day’

The Timetable for the Day

(With links to Slide Presentations from some of the sessions)

Breakout Room 1 Main Forum Breakout Room 2
Welcome – The Themes for the Day
(Richard Williams – County Commissioner)
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Building a Valuable Executive
(Chad Lake – County Chairman)
  Online Programme Planning
A look at the Scout Association’s new Digital Tools
(Chris Brewster from TSA Digital Team)
Building an Effective District Team
(Alex Norori-McCormac – DC West London)
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  Achieving More Top Awards
Learning from GLMW’s Top Awards Project 2019
(Oliver Dibbens from DofE)
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Coaching, Supporting & Leading the Team
(Alison Oakley – DCC Adult Support)
  Helping Every Beaver to Aim for their QSA
A Path for Achievement & Retention
(Richard Williams/
Oliver Dibbens)
Project Bear & “20in20”
Positive Youth Engagement + GLMW’s Project in 2020
(Richard Williams)
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(View Bear’s Reply here)
Delivering on Training
(Phil Power – DCC Volunteer Journey)
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Successful Financing for Scouting
(John Arnold – Deputy County Chair/
David Carlen – County Treasurer)
Safety and Risk can be Fun
(Chad Lake)
Taking Scouting to New Places  
(Dwayne Fields – Scout Ambassador)
Where are our New Communities in GLMW
How we introduce and sustain Scouting
  Getting the best from OSM
(Jane Bourne – DC TGU/
Inez O’Hara – AGSL 1st Osterley)
Safeguarding the Journey
(Alison Oakley)
  Digital Tools for the Business of Scouting
(David Kitchen – DC Willesden)
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(See David’s Blog Post here)
Why we need our Appointments Panels?
(Robert Cashman – County Executive)
Pathways to Permits
(Geoff Vanderplank – DCC Activities)
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Building Engagement – Exploring Digital Communication
(David Kitchen/
Tyler Skerton – DC Pinner & Headstone)
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Bringing it All Together
(Richard Williams)
Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls